Who We Are

Salli Slaughter . . .
from Arizona, a graduate of Arizona State University (BS in Studio Art and studied for an MA in Humanities). She’s worked in retail management, catering, public affairs, as an appeals officer, a film grip, a negotiator in legal cases and businesses, and in her favorite capacity as a designer and communicator. She served on the board of directors of Willamette Writers for nearly ten years, and was Willamette Writers Conference Chair for three years. She currently writes and designs successful web sites and publications. salli@authorsroad.com

George Mason . . .
raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate of San Francisco State University (Psychology, World Literature and Education). He’s taught writing, language arts, and public communications in elementary schools, jails and colleges, workshops, and written and published books and numerous articles. After a year’s sabbatical living in Greece and writing the Great American paragraph, he returned to California and met the light of his life, Salli. They married and moved to Alaska where they raised two remarkable daughters, two amazing wolves, and he began a new career in public relations, where he has been awarded high highest honors in the profession, including two Silver Anvil Commendations and a Silver Anvil. george@authorsroad.com

Together . . .
in 1996, George, Salli and their daughters journeyed on a one-year, around-the-world adventure they documented on one of the earliest travel web sites, Worldhop.com. The World Wide Web History Project credits them with being one of the first bloggers – two full years before blogging became a rage – and creating a web site that was featured (to list but a few) in the New York Times, The Times of London, on public radio and national television programs, and was the Lonely Planet’s featured family travel website.

Ella . . .
(the Wonderdog, sometimes) loves to go on trips, to be read to (as long as you are simultaneously rubbing her furry belly), and is the most superstitious animal we've ever met. As for Ella the Wonder Dog, she loves to go on trips, loves to be read to (as long as you are simultaneously rubbing her furry belly), and is the most superstitious animal we've ever met.

Where We are Interviewing

By the beginning of 2015 we’d visited 20 states and driven 40,000 miles. But our schedule has been rather sporadic lately due to family committments.

Who We Are Interviewing

We interview those write because they have to, who write because they breathe, who make their living at writing (with the exception of poets), whose passion is writing . . . or those who are passionate experts about dead masters of writing.

On the Road

A three-minute movie.

Note: The Home page lists the interviews in alphbetical order; the Interviews page lists them in the order they were done.

"Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing." Ben Franklin

Ella the Wonderdog of Authors Road
Ella the Wonder Dog
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