"A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." Virginia Woolf


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B) We are in need of new equipment: Our digital SLR camera has a scratched lens (it was one hell of a sandstorm). Our Apple laptop needs repair or replacement. We'd love to have a second digital movie camera so we could get more interesting shots during the interviews. And we need to get new film editing software to be able to edit better. If you prefer to give us something concrete (perhaps you have something you want to pass along, or can get things cheaply) please contact us at info@authorsroad.com.

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D) Do you know, or know of, a fabulous full-time writer – someone who 'writes because they breathe', whose passion is for writing and frankly can't do anything else, who belongs in an archive about the art of writing? Please send us suggestions/information at info@authorsroad.com.

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This journey is a dream, and we are committed to it and sharing our discoveries as long as we can. We’re gladly doing this out of our own pockets. We've been shy about asking for help, but with rising costs and our Social Security checks staying pretty much the same, we realize that we need help to continue. The average price of regular gas in the United States when we planned this venture was $2.78. Gas has gone up about $1 per gallon since then, and everything else has gone right along with it.

So, if anyone wants to kick in to help keep us on the road doing interviews and stories, to help improve the technology, expand the reach, or lengthen the miles of available road—we’re very appreciative and promise to put all contributions to good use.

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