Note: Regencies are generally set in England in the early 1800s, a period of uncertainty – wars, domestic riots, and a mentally ill monarch – and aristocratic excess. Cozies are detective or mystery stories in which sex and violence are downplayed and often take place 'off screen.' They are intelligent, often have a serious side and are fun to read.

Some scenes along the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon where Carola and her dog, Trillian, walk every morning on the lookout for inspiration.

Fall foliage along the Willamette River, Carola Dunn
Willamette River, Carola Dunn
Ducka on the Willamette, Carola Dunn

To date, Carola has written over 50 books and continues to write her popular tales at an astonishingly prolific pace. So how does she do it? Give a listen . . .

author interview: Carola Dunn at home

We knew Carola Dunn as the author of the popular Daisy Dalrymple cozy mysteries set in England after WWI, but soon learned that the Daisy series was just a fraction of what she has written. We asked for an interview on a lovely fall morning, and although she was on deadline for Gone West and had a few other irons in her creative fires, she graciously consented to let us be her break from writing that evening.

Her rescue dog, Trillian (think Hitchhikers Guide, not software), who, like his namesake has long, wavy black hair (or fur) and 'ridiculously brown eyes,' checked us out and then retired. We toured Carola's writing office and then settled into her comfy living room for a cup of tea and a chat about writing.

Carola started writing in California in the late 70s at the urging of her former husband. The result was the Regency romance, Toblethorpe Manor, which launched her successful career as a writer. Nearly 15 years later she decided to try her hand at mystery, and Daisy Dalrymple was born. In 2009 she published the first of her Cornish mysteries set in more modern times, featuring retired traveler Eleanor Trewynn and her niece, Detective Sergeant Megan Pencarrow.

Carola started by writing longhand at the kitchen table and typing manuscripts on a Sears typewriter. Over her 30-year career, she has progressed to writing on a computer and publishing e-books as well print books.

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Eugene, Oregon

Run Time:



'Cozy' mystery, Regency romance




Youthful Influence:

Reading voraciously, 'a real bookworm'

Influential Authors:

The books and writers she returns to are Jane Austen, Lord of the Rings, and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe series.

Literary Habit:

Six days a week at her computer, 9 to 5, with lunch and occasional errand breaks.

Carola Dunn's books, Daisy Dalrymple
Carola's books – and there are more . . .

Daisy Dalrymple Mystery Series:
Death At Wentwater Court (1994)
The Winter Garden Mystery
Requiem For A Mezzo
Murder On The Flying Scotsman
Damsel In Distress
Dead In The Water
Styx And Stones
Rattle His Bones
To Davy Jones Below
The Case Of The Murdered Muckraker
Mistletoe And Murder
Die Laughing
A Mourning Wedding
Fall Of A Philanderer
Gunpowder Plot
The Bloody Tower (2007)
Black Ship
Sheer Folly
Anthem For Doomed Youth
Gone West

Cornish Mystery Series:
Manna From Hades (2009)
A Colourful Death

Regency (Historical) Romance (partial - there are well over 30 novels and novellas, some in her four Regency series):
Toblethorpe Manor (1981)
The Frog Earl (1992)
The Tudor Secret (1995)
Scandal's Daughter
A Christmas Courtship
Mayhem and Miranda
The Babe and the Baron
The Improper Governess
Crossed Quills
(1998, 2010)

Note: Some of Carola's Regencies had gone out of print, but have been re-published as e-books.

“One thing I enjoy is exploring why a nice person would commit murder.”

Carola Dunn: Mystery, Regency Romance