A necklace made from Lois' award pins.

Lois in front of one of the many bookcases of her work.

Shards of Honor, first in the Vorkosigan Saga in Finnish

Although Lois says she started to write 'because (she) needed the money,' her passion for writing brought her to tie with Robert A. Heinlein with four Hugo awards for her novels. She also has Nebulas, Locus Awards and more.

Lois McMaster Bujold, Science Fiction and Fantasy

"What happens is that my characters never run away with the story,
but they sometimes go on sit-down strikes.

Books - Novels and Novellas
Vorkosigan Saga
Cordelia Naismith
Shards of Honor (1986)
Cordelia's Honor
(1996)—Combined edition of Shards of Honor and Barrayar with an afterword by the author.

Miles Vorkosigan
The Warrior's Apprentice
Borders of Infinity-
Three Novellas (1989)
Brothers in Arms
The Vor Game

"Weatherman" (1990)
Mirror Dance (1994)
Young Miles
(omnibus: The Warrior's Apprentice, "The Mountains of Mourning," and The Vor Game) (1997)
Komarr (
A Civil Campaign
Miles, Mystery and Mayhem
(omnibus: Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos, and "Labyrinth") (2001)
Diplomatic Immunity
Miles Errant
(omnibus: "Borders of Infinity," Brothers in Arms, and Mirror Dance) (2002)
Miles, Mutants and Microbes
(omnibus: Falling Free, "Labyrinth" and Diplomatic Immunity) (2007)
"Winterfair Gifts" (2008)
Miles in Love
(omnibus: Komarr, A Civil Campaign and "Winterfair Gifts") (2008)
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

Other Vorkosiverse Tales
Ethan of Athos
Falling Free

Lois's Reading Order Guide

Chalion Series
The Curse of Chalion
Paladin of Souls
The Hallowed Hunt

Sharing Knife Series

The Spirit Ring (1992)

Proto Zoa (2012)
Sidelines: Talks and Essays

Dreamweavers Dilemma,
edited by Suford Lewis (1995)

The Vorkosigan Companion, edited by Lillian Stewart Carl and John Helfers (2008)


Falling Free —Nebula Award, 1988
The Mountains of Mourning"Hugo and Nebula Awards, 1990
Hugo and Locus Awards, 1992
The Vor Game —Hugo Award, 1991

Mirror Dance—Hugo and Locus Awards, 1995
The Curse of Chalion—Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature, 2002
Paladin of SoulsHugo, Nebula and Locus Fantasy Awards 2004

Skylark Award, NESFA, 2011

And this just in . . . Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (2012) has been nominated for a 2013 Hugo Award!

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Minneapolis, MN

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Science Fiction & Fantasy



Columbus, OH

Youthful Influence:

Her father, Robert Charles McMaster (McMaster on Materials) who introduced her to Science Fiction at an early age.

Favorite Authors:

Dorothy Sayers, Georgette Heyer, C. S. Forester, E.F. Forester, DeCamp, Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov and more.

Creative Habit:

The making it up and writing it down are two separate processes. She scribbles notes until they reach critical mass, "until something drops in and causes things to cross-connect." She writes her first draft in longhand. She usually starts with characters, but sometimes starts with plot, technology or place.

An imp from the fireplace

These include five Hugo Awards and nominations for seven others. In addition, she has won three Nebula Awards and was nominated for five others, two Locus Awards, and the coveted Skylark (the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction).

In fact, Bujold is one of the most highly awarded science fiction/fantasy writers on this planet, and possibly in our entire solar system. And here she was inviting us into her house to share her stories and insights about how she began, and how she conducts her writing.

Soon after you’ve entered Lois McMaster Bujold’s house, you see it, tucked against a far wall, a rather plain cabinet you’d expect to be filled with grandma’s favorite china. But instead, this cabinet is filled with awards for Bujold’s work in science fiction and fantasy.

We were, as you’d expect, very honored. And now we’re very thrilled to share with you the results of our interview from last October, as if it were carried here by some type of time machine. Which it was.

And this is from "Legacy"

Book cover for "Paladin of Souls"
and a painting on Lois' wall

A Nebula Award

Her Hugos

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award

The Skylark Edward E. Smith
Memorial Award

A special knife - a Sharing Knife? - made especially for Lois.

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