Stories from the Road

A part of the Author's Road is our actual adventures along the road. Most of what we encounter is joyfilled and extraordinary, but since we are new to RVing some of our misadventures are funny (and often expensive). We'll keep you posted with photos and essays at random intervals, and hope you enjoy traveling along with us.

These are told in two series:

Our new road buddies at a truck stop in Coburg, OR

And here are links to a couple of Arkansas music videos (no, not that kind of music video. . . ) "Lifelong Dream" RV song and Shape Note singers

Walks with Ella. Salli, Ella and George invite you to join them on photojourneys of some of their walks in a specific environment. Whether a view from a San Francisco hill, or glimpses of micro desert plants we hope you'll enjoy coming along with us. There are a few stories woven in among the photos and a few 'cheats' about places Ella couldn't actually go.

Road Tales. Follow our tires in this series of travel essays with photos. If you want to gain some insight about how we are traveling, what we are doing, what we are thinking about as we move from place to place and what surprises we've encountered as we've traveled, look for the tires.


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