Robert Dugoni: Writer, Novelist

“I’m a writer. I used to tell people that I was a lawyer turned writer,
but I was actually always a writer. Writing is what I do, it’s part of who I am.”


*Seattle, WA

Run time:



*Legal Thriller, Nonfiction




*Burlingame, CA

Youthful influence:

*Mom, and a choice between *reading or weeding.

Influential Book:

*The Green Mile
*by Stephen King

Literary Habit:

*Reads The Green Mile again
*with every book he writes.

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Writing and public speaking; what ties these two communication methods together? Storytelling, the art and science of weaving words together and effectively conveying not just a good story, but a story that captivates the listener or reader. Robert knows how to do this well, as you will see in this 22-minute interview when he talks about his path to realizing his dream and his love of telling stories.

He is a hard-working writer, who believes in helping other writers suceed. He is a firm believer in having a particular space to write in, and working to follow your dream. As he says, "Follow your dreams, and the money will come. Follow the money, and you lose your dreams."

Many authors know early in their lives that they want to become writers. Robert Dugoni is such a storyteller, but one who awoke one day as an adult in a successful career, but not the career of a writer. He knew he had to change and get back to his dream, and with the support of his wife and family he took the risk of starting over and re-charting a new career path, and working for years to make it happen.

And succeed he did, as he became an accomplished, bestselling author who also has a second gift: he’s a spellbinding speaker. His public presentations are always captivating, entertaining, and instructive, and usually result in standing ovations.

Awards & Honors

NY Times Bestseller (2006 - 2011)
"Best of the Best" debut novels of 2006 by
Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine (2006)
Washington Post Best Book (2004)
Idaho Best Book (2004)
PNWA Literary Contest (1999 and 2000)


The Cyanide Canary (with Joseph Hilldorfer - 2004)
The Jury Master (2006)
Damage Control (2007)
Wrongful Death (2009)
Bodily Harm (2010)
Murder One (2011)

All have had critical acclaim and reached the top ten of the NY Times, independent bookseller and other lists.

Interview with Robert Dugoni novelist
Interview with Robert Dugoni, author

"I love the way the size of the author's name progresses in these cover designs." - Salli

Interview with Robert Dugoni, Wrongful Death
writer interview: Robert Dugoni, The Jury Master
author interview: Robert Dugoni, The Cyanide Canary