Verlena Orr: Poet

Authors Road: Interview with Verlana Orr

"My muse smokes camel straights."


I Dance September Naked in a Dream, Howlet Press, 1989, Doris Avshalomov

Woman Who Hears Voices,  Future Tense Press 1998,
Kevin Sampsell, Publisher
One More Time From The Beginning, Stone City Press 2007, Ron Talney, publisher

Full-length books:

Break in the Cloud Cover, Howlet Press 2005,
Doris Avshalomov
Taking It To The Limit,  Dancing Moon Press 2009,
Carla Perry, Publisher

We’re pleased to bring you the first author interview with one of our favorite poets, Verlena Orr.

Verlena grew up on an Idaho wheat farm where she learned to recite Shakespeare while driving cattle on horseback. Twice nominated for a Pushcart, she’s published three chapbooks, two full-length books, and her work has appeared in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies. She has lived in Portland since 1963, and received her MFA from University of Montana.

We interviewed Verlena on a rainy afternoon in June. She was patient while we set up, warmed up and moved around, chatting easily about life, writing and the many paintings friends have made of her.

She nestled in front of her computer in her cheerful Las Vegas tee shirt and wrapped in "Aunt Eunice's Writing Stole," and then we began.

We hope you will be as patient with our first efforts as Verlena was. We learned a lot, and Verlana gave a great interview. What she has to say more than compensates for our sometimes bumbling efforts.

Verlana Orr Poet - About Writing

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Portland, OR

Run time:

23 minutes







Favorite Book:

The Egg & I by Betty MacDonald

Influential Author:

Lawerence Ferlinghetti

Writing Habit:

In bed, knees up, pen in hand