Walks without Ella: Chicago

Every now and then a woman just has to take a walk without her dog. I had the wonderful good fortune to have a 'girls day' with my daughter Cassidy before we left the Chicago area. I took a morning train in to Chicago, passing through small towns, bedroom towns, towns that were now part of the Chicago sprawl. Some had had better days, and all wore their history like a fashion show. I arrived in the city and walked through downtown Chicago to the Art Institute, exploring as I went.

We've arrived!

An ornate clock on the old Marshall Field's store, which is now a Macy's

Chicago Opera doors

Lyric Opera veranda

South Side

I had forgotten about Chicago's canals, complete with bridges, water taxis and boats. Romantic.

A little skyline. . .

Students out in support of their teachers in July. By the time school started, the teachers were on strike.

Peering down Jewelers Row at the Trump Tower.

Route 66 begins across the street from the Art Institute. I wonder if it has a matching marker in L.A. for the end?

A Wright-inspired wall of glass caught my eye in the morning light.

This canyon ends @ the Art Institute.

and with the Art Intitute Lions

Leaving the Art Institute

A Picasso sculpture, which, as pointed out in "The Blue Brothers," is in front of county government offices.

A gull atop a bridge building, which, like everything else in Chicago, was being repaired.

Lincoln Park

Bravo for a museum that paints its walls orange! It is a perfect backdrop for Ganesha, God of Writers (among other things).

musing with a lyre player (and a cell phone) . . .

Two things are certain in downtown Chicago: sculpture and construction.

Oak Park

Cassidy in front of Chagall's stained glass . . .

This sculpture is as dark and flat surfaced as anti-matter. Lifesize, it looks out at the city. I love its mystery.

After being mostly in small towns and corn fields for months the canyons formed by tall buildings were awesome.

Power washing the sidewalk before opening

This walk has been in downtown Chicago, where there were tall buildings, art, and great food at every turn. I've included a few photos from neighborhoods we visited.

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