Walks with Ella: Patagonia

Ella and I usually walk by ourselves across a large fenced pasture next to the RV park and down into a dry creekbed.

passing our cholla cactus landmark . .

Trees along the creekbed.

A chrysalis we checked on daily hoping to see it open.

Ella in our field . . .

and heading down the creekside.

Ella makes her favorite 'cookie stop' with our friend Adrienne at her Global Arts Gallery. George makes Ella count out square roots to earn her treat.

The view from the wash.
But occasionally all three of us will walk to town together. When we start out along Harshaw Road, this is what we see:

An old adobe house from Patagonia's early days. You can see where there were posts for a second floor veranda.
Truly Patagonia's gathering spot. Well, that and the Wagon Wheel Saloon.

A territorial style ranch house across from the RV park.

Community radio, and our favorite eclectic station, KPUP.

La Mission, which has been a mission, a biker bar, a nightclub, and gallery and is up for sale. We had visions of winning the lottery and buying it.

The Lopez Pool Hall seems to have been closed for a long time, but Patagonians are still fond of it.

The very wonderful Patagonia Public Library and community center. It is dog friendly and quite lovely. The buildings are part of the city's history, having been, if I remember right, boarding houses in Patagonia's heyday. The building are true to their territorial style roots, while being updated.

Our friendly across-the-street horses.

Times change and buildings get 're-purposed,' but they don't lose their original flavor.

The gathering spot for the town's writers.

Sometimes called 'the temple of food,' Red Mountain (organic) Foods opened the doors of its new store shortly after we arrived. The town celebrated with a potluck and dance.

The old railroad station from the days that Patagonia was a hub for shipping ore and cattle.

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