Walks with Ella: Silver City . . . the City

When our friends George and Patty came to visit we explored the old, downtown part of Silver City. It is a part of town that takes its art and coffee seriously, and has developed some unique programs. But like most small towns and cities in America today, Silver City is suffering with closed business and too many Dollar stores, Walmarts and Radio Shacks and a highway that cuts it in half. Silver City is the home of Western New Mexico University, with a great little museum on the Mibres Native American culture, and the Tour of the Gila five-day bicycle race in which teams from around the world compete. It is also where Billy the Kid grew up and learned to break out of jail, where his mother is buried and where the best sopaipillas in New Mexico are made. It is also known for it's "canal," which used to be Main Street before torrential floods carved the street down to bedrock. It is now a creek and city park.

Five window murals make up this art piece. Each 'window' represents a part of Silver City history: native tribes, Spanish explorers, Billy the Kid, and pioneer ranching and farming.

Part of the Silver City Mural Program.

Detail showing two Native American cultures, Mimbres and Apache.

This head peeking over a fence is part of the Outdoor Sculpture Program.

Hmmmm. Art?

The mascot for the Javelina Coffee House, located in the old Palace Hotel.

Art is just about everywhere.

See (and buy) art here.

A storytelling blanket — part of the mural project.

An old boarding house, still in operation.

Silver City is the home of the "Tour of the Gila" bicycle race. This model is outside the local bike shop.

George and Ella take a break in a gallery patio.

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