Walks with Ella: Silver City

We stayed a month in Silver City, and Ella and I once again had a big field where she could walk off-leash. I became fascinated with the unveiling of tiny desert flowers - new ones every day we walked. Hope you enjoy this amazing spring desert walk with its variety of plantlife - and an occasional bee, bug or moth. The names listed come from fallible memory, or the equally fallible Web.

Cactus almost in bloom.

I found the name of this alien creature on line – Cryptantha.

These tiny orchid-like blooms are about the size of the nail of a little finger.

The petals of these flowers look waxy and slightly furry.

Our field in cloud shadow.

This tall dead yucca plant spooked me the first time I saw it. Then I started to call it Kokopelli after the Native flute player and trickster.

Desert Primrose

Unlike the tiny plantlife, these moths mating under the cottonwoods were quite large, each probably 8 inches from top to bottom.

The beginnings of a cactus bloom.

There were paths to walk that took us to the arroyo. . .

and the stream, which was dried up by the time we left.

Mexican Bells

Silver Deadly Nightshade

Wiry Lotus

Mexican Thistle

Tiny yellow flowers

These flowers are a bit larger, probably a couple of inches.

Tiny white flowers

The dreaded Loco Weed?


Parry's Penstamon

Ubiquitous tiny purple flower

A deep view of a Yucca plant

Cottonwoods are sacred to many desert cultures because they signify the presence of water.

Teddy Bear Cholla with new growth. In the background is the cemetery where Billy the Kid's mother is buried.

A caterpillar exposed after the plant he was hiding in was chopped up by a weed whacker.

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