Road Tales #1: Leaving Our Old Lives

Once the RV was ready, we moved to Reeder's RV Park on Sauvie Island near Portland, thinking we'd stay a week, learn the ropes from the friendly long-time denizens of the park and relax in the lovliness of the island. We hadn't counted on using nearly another week to get truly moved out of the rental house we'd lived in for 14 years (and it was so much more fun in the constant rain). So we did the only sensible thing we could – we stayed another week. We are wending our way slowly southward and will head for California soon.

I think we'd still be on Sauvie Island if someone hadn't moved into our spot on the day we said we'd leave. Here are some photos of the island, so you can see why we were enchanted.

During that month we found and bought our fifth-wheel trailer, sold things on Craig's list and in a house/garage/estate sale, gave things to friends and charities, put the important things in storage (e.g. skull collection, Chinese footbinding shoes, African masks, and a box of kitchen stuff), parked some furniture and artwork with friends and family, took endless loads to the dump and finally shed the skin of our old life in early October.

The Rig: Rocinante Tres and Hardscribble House II, Authors Road
Our new home at Reeder's store on Sauvie Island
House, Authors Road
The home we leave behind . . . .

Thanks to all the people who stepped in to help with the move, but most especially Kent Meisel (prime mover and marriage counselor!), Lisa Kitchen, Renee Devereaux, Anthony Doyle, Kelly Sellers, Dylan Dahl, Deena Stach, Judy Kent, and Guy Allen. And thanks to Cassidy and her gang who helped set up and run the sale and get the RV set up - Alexis, Braden, Joey, et al.

October 21 - We are on the road! We are currently in southern Oregon still getting 'back in the saddle' on the interviews and learning the tricks of our new RV life. It is hard to believe we are finally here. We hatched the plot for The Authors Road in January, we started looking for an RV in March, we did our first interview in June, the moving process began in July with serious sorting, we started packing what we planned to keep in August, and we don't remember much about the whirlwind that was September.