Walks with Ella: San Francisco

I had both of my knees replaced with bionic models in late 2010 and was happy to stretch out my new titanium parts on my San Francisco walks with Ella. We stayed with my sister Randi and brother-in-law, Larry, while the roof of our rig was being replaced. They live in the hills and valleys near Golden Gate park, and it made me realize how out of shape I was as we strolled a few up-and-down blocks. As time went along we added more blocks and finally walks that included stairs up the hill. Our last big walk included hills, several sets of stairs and a big big view from the hill we reached. Come take the walk with us. . .

Made it to the top but. . . a block away there's more

And more. . . great to look back on. That's the Pacific ocean peeking out of the upper right corner.

Right view.
Downtown San Francisco with the Oakland hills beyond.

A beautiful set of stairs. People in the neighborhood helped make the tiles. But where is the top?

Oh yeah, there it is! It's a long way up.
The Reward!

Left View.
San Francisco Bay with the top of the Golden Gate Bridge dead ahead. Marin County is on the other side of the bay.
With thanks to Dr. Richard Rubenstein, and Anne Huffington-Carroll, PT

Ohhh, and we are finally actually near the top. (Pant pant)

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